Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Can Take A Hint, Facebook. But I Won't Like It.

You know when you go to Facebook and after you read everyone's stuff - like who's in a relationship NOW, and who's not in a relationship NOW, and you see your friend's vacation and kid pictures and their Bejeweled scores? And then after you have nothing else to look at you head over to your favorite game and kind of notice that there's ads floating over on the side? Some of them are pretty bizarre.

About a week ago, I noticed an ad for WART and SKIN TAG and MOLE removal. I thought something like, Well, I know that whoever does Facebook ads has some kind of math logarithms to determine what ads to run based on what the viewer has clicked before.....but I haven't been doing any searching or clicking for wart removals. What a weird ad to run.

After a whole week, that stupid ad has been right there. Taunting me. Every single day. Aren't they supposed to cycle through or rotate or something?


The thing is, about two weeks ago I DID have a skin tag and two moles removed in the privacy of my doctor's office. Does Facebook know this?? And if so, how??? Were the calorie police surreptitiously tailing me and posted it on Facebook in retribution for me slugging down a Venti Starbucks Full-Calorie Frappucino? Hmm. Frappuccinos have their own Facebook page. Coincidence? I think not.

It's making me crazy. I just checked again while writing this post and IT'S STILL THERE. Right above the ad that promises removal of belly flab with one secret trick.

Warts. Moles. Belly flab.

I think Facebook has been looking at my pictures and is trying to tell me something.


Amy Junod said...

You are SO funny! We may never know the true power of Facebook. What supreme power it has over us. I created an account for my cat so I could have another "neighbor" for Pete's sake. (and should it bother me that she has more friends than I?)

Kelly said...

Do you want an invite to the spanking new social networking site Google+, from the folks whose motto is, "Don't be evil." ? That will show Facebook who's boss, although probably Google is really behind all those ads on Facebook anyway.

Your post brings to mind all the people who call my home at dinner time (when I'm eating my low, low carb dinner and dreaming of pasta, cereal and whole-wheat toast) and tell me they know I'm diabetic and want to sell me cheap diabetes stuff. And this when I've worked SO hard to keep my blood sugar NORMAL (A1C of 5.5, thank you very much) so I will not have DIABETIC stamped on my health record. I AM NOT DIABETIC...yet. Who told them I was diabetic is what I desperately want to know. Same people who told Facebook about your mole and skin tag removal, I guess. It's enough to drive a woman to carbs and probably this comment will cause another spate of phone calls and some ads on my own Facebook and Gmail accounts. Because they know everything and follow you everywhere.

Very Creepy. Big Brother is here but he doesn't look at all like we thought he would. Just goes to show you...something.

Angie Brooks said...

Yeah - so... I'm glad you mentioned this. I've noticed a pesky Degree ad on mine for DAYS. Is FB trying to tell me something? Are my friends talking about me? Is it due to the fist-pumping pictures in my collection? I don't THINK I stink, but I was really starting to get a little paranoid. Your post brought me some peace. :)