Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cloudy Mornings

It really amazes me when I stop to think about how my concept of a perfect weather-type day has changed. Before Sjs: crystal clear blue skies, warm temperatures...ahhhh. Now? Overcast and cool.


But there it is, and so when I woke up this morning I actually was encouraged by the clouds overhead and the '60 something degree weather. I took my morning cuppa downstairs to our daylight basement door to let the howling schnauzers outside. My hammock chair is hung conveniently out that door, so I sipped and swung for a few minutes while I was still waking up.

I had a perfect view of my tomato plants from my chair. And also a perfect view of the weeds surrounding them. Gah.

Good thing that I've learned to keep my hat and gloves close by, or I would have been out there hoeing bare-headed. Like my garden shoes?

They're interesting, aren't they? I wonder how they got that way, LULU?


annie said...

We are experiencing very hot and humid weather in my neck of the woods, typical July weather. I absolutely hate it because I can't go out in that muggy weather, I have trouble breathing. Indoors, the air conditioning helps, but then I have congested nose and sinus headache as a result of the cold,dry air. Can't win!

Sue said...

Very hot and humid here too. In the 90's today. We just got back from a weeks vacation to Quebec City. Had a great time but got a lovely case of vasculitis around both my ankles from walking around Old Quebec on Saturday despite wearing jeans, long sleeves and a really ugly hat (and of course slathered in sunscreen). It was definitely a rash worthy day though. Now I can hide from the sun for the rest of the summer.

Jenny P said...

We're on day 3 of an anticipated 9 day heatwave, indexices over 100 most days. Friday they said might actually BE over 100. But, I don't like it too cool. My FAVORITE weather is about 85, partly sunny (like, moving clouds), with a soft WARM breeze. Ahhhhhhhh...
And yes, I like your shoes (XP)

Amy Junod said...

How lucky to have some "cool" for a bit.
It's been awful hot here in North Texas. I'm like Annie.The humidity is super for my eyes, amazing really. It's too hard to breath though.
Lulu! What DOESN'T she have a taste for?