Sunday, June 12, 2011

We Are Family

There's family.....and then there's family. Of course I love and cherish the family I was born into and joined in marriage, but then there's also those special people who are family because we want to be - those with whom we choose to nurture and strengthen our bonds of friendship for so many years that the differences in genetics and friendship blur.

My friend Sarah and her mom and dad and brother are one of those families that are my family by choice. I was touched that Sarah invited John and I to attend her high school graduation on Friday. So we hopped into Goldie and pointed her east and crossed the Cascade mountains. It was a beautiful day for a drive.

The graduation ceremony took place at dusk.

Within an hour, the sun had set.

Congratulations, princess. I'm so glad that we are family.


Leslie at SugarAndSpiceADK. said...

WOW--gorgeous photos, Julia! You really have an "eye"! Beautiful post.

Amy Junod said...

Looks like a perfect day. They really did fireworks at the end of the ceremony? That is so cool!
I just love seeing outdoor graduation ceremonies. Here in Texas it's blazing hot or tornadic to sit outside.
The pictures are breathtaking.
(btw, tornadic is SO a word spellcheck)

annie said...

The graduation ceremonies I've attended have always been indoors. What a wonderful idea to have them out in the fresh air and to have fireworks...WOW...beautiful pictures.

Sunset in Paradise said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos. I have visited most of the mountain ranges in the US and Canada. I have not made it to the northwest to appreciate the Cascades. Thanks for sharing your postcard perfect pictures.