Monday, June 13, 2011

How Annoying? Let Me Count The Ways.....

Guys. Confession time yet again here in Julia World.

After our weekend visit for Sarah's graduation, I began downloading and editing my photos, and as I counted the number of pics that I took during just three short I realized that I need to add one more personal attribute to my Things That Drive Others Crazy About Julia list.

When I pick up my camera, I become as obsessed with taking pictures as my friend Bev's border collie does when he sees his favorite frisbee.

Click click click click snap snap snap click click click click click click click.......

Yes. I shove my camera out the windows of the car, into friends' and family members' faces, and just about anywhere else that I can imagine. It has to drive people crazy.

I can't just sit quietly through any event and just take it all in. Even if I seriously try, my fingers start itching and my knee bouncing. I begin to perspire. I fidget in my chair. And's more than I can control. I have to be focusing and clicking and changing lenses and changing the f stops and white balances and file formats and blah blah blah blah blah.

A bonus annoyance: while I'm messing around with the camera, I also feel the need to discuss what I'm doing with those poor unfortunate souls near me so that I can effectively distract them from the event as well. And, if possible, I try to herd others into more interesting photo-op configurations.

I really am surprised that nobody has slapped me upside the head yet. I'm sure that I'll get what's coming to me one day. (No. You're not allowed, Terese.)

Do I realize how annoying this is? Yes. Yes, I think so. Does this mean that I see myself modifying my behavior to decrease the likelihood of making my family and friends cranky?

Not likely.

I want to be perfectly clear here - the fact that some of these photographs turn out to be interesting has absolutely nothing to do with my talent. Honestly. I just point this amazing camera somewhere and more times than not, when I click the shutter, I get some good pictures. It's hard to be a really bad photographer when armed with my Canon and facing the amazing geography and gorgeous people that surround me. Oh, wait....should that be gorgeous geography and amazing people....?

Here's my latest round from our trip back over the Cascade mountains heading back to Portland. Not all these pictures were taken by me, but they all were taken with my Canon.

John surveying the territory.

....which is breathtaking.

Trixie's doggie door.

Cute little boy's door. Karen snapped these doggy door pics.

Apple orchards nestled into the Cascade foothills.

Mountains, mountains, and more mountains. This one is Rainier. 

I forgot my HAT. Lucky for me I had an umbrella. Miss Sarah had the camera. 

Even rain clouds are beautiful in the Cascade mountains. 

My new buddy Aspen. His owner wouldn't let me take him home with me. Go fig. She did, however, take this great picture.

Bye bye, little guy.

Time to zip good ol' Canon into her carrying case and charge up her batteries. She deserves a nice rest......until next time. 

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