Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Schnauzer Yarn

For the last few days, I've been trying to untangle two skeins of cotton yarn. Why? Because SOMEONE decided to act like a kitten instead of a puppy.

Yes, you, Miss Lulu Naughty Schnauzerbutt.

Nice try. John doesn't believe Maggie did it either.

Who, me?
Detangling the mess took awhile since she dragged yarn from one end of this house to the other.

Halfway done. 
So I rolled and untangled and when I had it all into two tidy balls of yarn, I grabbed my knitting needles and began knitting washcloths. Which is what I meant to do with the yarn when I bought it before Christmas. I can't imagine why after all this time it caught that little stinker's attention...

I love cotton washcloths. They're so absorbent and soft. I make them from organic cotton yarn, and when they wear out after a zillion washings, I just turn them over to John as garage rags and then knit some more. As I was casting on and yarn-overing and decreasing, it suddenly occurred to me that a few months ago, the thought of knitting would have made me cringe and run for the Tylenol bottle. My hands were so sore then that knitting just wouldn't have been possible. 

Wahoo! Happier hands! Happier Julia!

Doesn't mean you're not still in trouble, Lulu. 

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Jenny P said...

Double wahoo! That's an awesome metric for measuring your improvement, I love it!

Did you ever see the movie "The Ugly Dauchshund"? Lulu would fit RIGHT in!