Friday, May 27, 2011

Thank You

I had the privilege of attending the ordination of four young men into the priesthood today.

There's nothing that I can say........words seem so trite. So superficial. Better to say simply that it was a powerful, amazing experience.


connielea said...

Your pictures gave me chills, so I can only inagine wat it was like to experience the ceremony. You have so many intresting experiences in your life. You make us Sogies want to fight the fatigue and get out the and live life. Thanks Connie

Jamey Lacy July said...

Hey Julia,

Loving the photos (amazing clarity, perspective, & beauty) moving. Will e-mail more later as it is 3:00 in morning here but thanks for sharing this lovely experience! Healing Hugs, Jamey Lacy July

Jenny P said...

I'm REALLY impressed you had 4 priests being ordained!! That's awesome - I live close to a seminary and we still rarely see an ordination in this neck of the woods. I know of more deacons being ordained than priests (I'm excited to see the deacons, but would feel more secure with more priests, too). Congrats to your friend & your neck of the woods, and glad you had this special experience:)