Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mopey Maple

We planted this maple tree fifteen years ago, and until recently, it was healthy and thriving. I can see it from my bedroom window. We gauge it's growth by how much of the streetlight it blocks. In the fall, it turns a wonderful orangey-red color.

The poor thing is looking sickly this year, and we were worried. So John called in an arborist to try to diagnose it's problems.

Aww. Poor tree.

Among other suggestions, he told us to not use any kind of herbicide near the tree - even the kind that is mixed in with some lawn fertilizers. Instead, he suggested that John buy this to kill weeds in our yard without chemicals:

Yes. He suggested that my husband arm himself with a modified flame-thrower. I was aghast. John was delighted.

I guess this thing is called a Weed Dragon.

I'm all for eliminating the use of harmful chemicals in our yard.....but I'm also going to have 911 on speed dial.

Oh, no.....I just can't imagine what will happen when John AND Greg get these.....


Anonymous said...

This is an amazing leap forward in technology. I have often wondered how it was that we could land a man on the moon but could not equip us weekend yard maintainers with miniature flamethrowers to remove weeds. Next to a good chainsaw for hydrangea pruning, I am confident that this will quickly become my favorite yard work tool.


Julia Oleinik said...

Hey!! How did YOU get one here, hunner bunner???

sue said...

Better stock up on fire extinguishers and up your house insurance if you get one of those puppies.

Kelly said...

Ha! I have had one of those for years! Nervous hubby has requested I not use it anymore as just the thought of me using a flame thrower causes him to have nightmares but I never burned anything down with it. Came close to singeing my toes once. Wear protective footwear!