Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review My Review

Anyone who has experienced the bone crunching effects of autoimmune fatigue knows what I mean when I say that it changes everything.


I'm not going to go into the gory details here of how it has changed my life, but it's good to know that a few of my hobbies have not only persevered, but have strengthened and kept me going through many days spent horizontal recouping my energy reserves.

I'm talking here about my lifelong addiction to reading. As a kid, whenever Mom or Dad were looking for me when I wouldn't show up when I was expected, they knew where they could find me - flopped belly down on my bedroom floor with my nose buried right up to the spine in a book. Didn't matter what the subject matter or style of the book was. In a pinch, I could enjoy Dad's books on soil management and crop rotation.

Seriously. But I really would have been desperate by then....

We lived about 12 miles from the nearest library, so Mom and I would head over there every few weeks and she would let me bring home the maximum books allowed from our little library. She'd go grocery shopping across the street and I'd browse the library shelves, then stagger out to the car with a stack of books that went taller than I was. After which, it was almost impossible for me to make myself do all those things that I was supposed to do. My brother yanked me out of my bedroom by the foot one afternoon when I had forgotten the time.

On those frequent occasions nowadays when I find myself flopped down belly first with my nose buried up to the spine in a good book, I almost expect to look down and see the orange shag carpeting from my childhood bedroom. Not kidding here. Mom and Dad let me pick it out MYSELF. OOooooo. Wow, man. Groovy.

Hm. Come to think of it, this is probably why I gravitate to the cushy carpeting in my bedroom walk-in closet. It's my reading room of choice when I have trouble sleeping at night. And yes, I read on my belly there too.

Which brings me to the reason for writing this post: I have been allowed to review a few books for, lucky, lucky me! And isn't that a perfect way for me to pass the time when I'm recharging my energy batteries? My first review has been posted and you can read it on the BlogHer Book Club page, found here.

My first review is of Jean Kwok's Girl In Translation, a wonderful story about a young woman's experiences as she and her mother attempt to navigate the enormous challenges of coming to America from Hong Kong:

As I reached for my paperback copy of Jean Kwok's Girl In Translation, I noticed that the cover was an intriguing shade of aqua blue -- reminiscent of an inviting pool of refreshing water. Then I began to read, and fell headlong into the pool of this engrossing story.....
 Continue reading here.

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annie said...

We have something in common, Julia. I, also, am obesessed with reading, and have been since I was young. I particularly enjoy romances, mystery, historicals, and since I've been ill these many years, anything on health and wellness and nutrition. It seems to help me get through the day, and it is good for the brain, although I mostly can't remember what I've read as soon as I turn the page!

Tricia said...

Thank goodness for books! I don't know what I would do without my love for reading. It sustains me through rough days and helps me not feel like I'm accomplishing something.

sue said...

I love to read as well. I just bought myself an e reader so now I don't have to cram a big book in my purse when I go on vacation or to the doctor's office. My favourite authors are Anne Perry, Steve Berry,Kathy Reichs, and James Rollins. Lucky me, they all have new books coming out this spring and summer so I'll lots of reading to do while I sit in the shade and watch my kids splash around in the pool.

Anonymous said...

I'm a book addict too !! And thanks to it, I feel never lonely when I'm too tired to do anything, because that's a gbig subject of talking with other people too. I can counsel them, they can talk about the book they are reading. I feel less out of space !!