Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I've Lost Lawrence In The Fog.......In A Desert?

I need a foghorn.

After a wonderful weekend, today I'm living in brain fog so thick that I may as well just.....well, actually I'm so foggy that I can't even think of the right phrase to describe it.

But if I had a foghorn, maybe I would be safer when whatever this is descends. It would alert me to potential acts of stupidity.

An example:

John and I were watching an old movie last night, and enjoying it immensely. It was Lawrence of Arabia, and even though I've seen bits and pieces of it before, had never watched it from beginning to end. We were toasting glasses full of Coca-Cola, since John insists that the original film had subliminal messages embedded in it urging theater goers to rush to the lobby to buy Coke during the intermission.

We thought the sugar and calories in our glasses were key to watching the movie in authentic style.

So I was mesmerized by the scenery and music and the storyline of this epic movie when the phone rang. It was one of the kids, so I hit PAUSE on the remote and took the call. After about twenty minutes, I finished the conversation and decided to start the movie again.

Here's where a big old blast from a foghorn would have been really handy.

Of course I grabbed the remote, looked at it blankly and then started punching buttons. And of course goofed things up big time. Ah, well, John said, we've only skipped some of it. Not to worry, babe. So we lost the recorded part but just skipped ahead to the real time movie. We watched for awhile, then I decided that I needed to pause it again. John gallantly took control of the remote. He told me that I should be really careful starting the movie again. We chuckled and I went off to do a few things, then returned to the television.


Where's a really good foghorn when you need it most, I ask you....Of course I grabbed the wrong remote and totally screwed things up. Completely and totally. Again.

So it appears  that I STILL haven't seen the movie Lawrence of Arabia. I think I'd just better buy the DVD.

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Anonymous said...

I htink I have it, but in french, or I could send it to you ^_^