Monday, May 16, 2011

Doc Gurley's Top Ten

As usual, Doc - that is Doc Gurley - has demonstrated her considerable skill in distilling the complicated into something very understandable. Her blog post which discusses effective physician/patient communication from a physician perspective is good reading for us all:

The fact is that most Americans know what’s killing us. Is there anyone left on Earth who thinks smoking is good for you? Stop smoking, eat better, exercise, and wear your seatbelt. Just those four simple steps, alone, could save more lives than any newsworthy, groundbreaking research ever announced.
We’re talking vast numbers, hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths each year. The magnitude of behavior-related health problems is actually quite mind-blowing. But the ways to avoid them is not. Prevention for four of the five top causes of death can be reduced to two words: “Stop Smoking.” And preventing the fifth could be reduced to “Wear Your Seatbelt,” and maybe “Lock Up Your Gun (or Better Yet, Don’t Own One.”
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