Friday, April 8, 2011

What's That?

Write a poem where every line is a health question.

Interesting. Although I am beginning to feel as though I am back in high school wading through my English class assignments. My English teacher was my Auntie Kay, and instead of giving her niece any preferential treatment, I think she expected more, not less, from me. Not that that's such a bad thing, Auntie Kay. Not complaining. Nope. Um....see you at the family reunion, Auntie Kay?

Back to today's poem.

I've asked more than my share of health questions since my diagnosis. And after beginning to write Reasonably Well, I've been asked many health questions as well. So here goes:

How do you spell that? (S-J-O-G-R-I-N-S)

How do you say that? ("show"-"grins")

Why do I have that? (Nobody knows for sure.)

How will my body change because of that? (Oh, girl. In lots and lots of ways.)

Can I get rid of that? (No. Never.)

Can I have a life with that? (Yes. Yes, you can. It won't be the same life that you had before, but you can fashion a satisfying, loving, and meaningful life while dealing with that.)

*An addition*

I would be interested in YOUR responses to the WEGO writing challenge. How about it? Post a response here with your interpretation of that day's assignment. I promise not to yoink your ideas and take credit for them. And no, my fingers are not crossed behind my back. Tsk. Such skeptics.


Kelly said...

Why Julia, I thought you'd never ask...
Age 16: Doctor, what's causing this colitis? Stress, remove it, quit debate team. I can try that.

Age 19: Doctor, what's causing this rash? Hives, use anti-histamines. I'm getting too dry from this.

Age 25: Doctor what's causing this IBS? Stress, eat more fiber. Whole wheat, I love that!

Age 30: Doctor, what's causing this pain and swelling in my foot? Arthritis, take NSAIDs. I'm too young for this.

Age 35: Doctor, what's causing this crushing fatigue? Could be Lupus, let's test. I'm sure it's not THAT.

Age 40: Doctor, what's causing this rash? Roseacea, use Metrogel. Forget it, I get no relief from this.

Age 45: Doctor, what's causing all these sinus infections? Vasomotor Rhinitis, avoid triggers. I can't use household cleaners, I'm loving that!

Age 50: Doctor, what's causing these dry eyes? Old age, use drops. I'm not settling for this.

Age 52: Doctor, what's causing the nightime dry mouth? Sounds like Sjogren's. Oh, it all must be THAT!

Julia Oleinik said...

Bravo, bravo!! *clap clap clap*