Thursday, April 7, 2011

Voice Mail

Day Seven: Leave your HEALTH a text or voice mail.
* You have reached the home of Julia's health. Leave a large slice of Rose's Deli carrot cake on my doorstep. Or leave a message after the beep. Thanks. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP*

OK, I know you're in there screening your calls. Pick up. PICK UP!


OK. Be that way, missy. This - as I'm sure you know - is Julia. Just wanted to leave a FYI. I have joined Weight Watchers. I have joined the community center and am swimming twice a week. Dr. K and I have changed my meds. So I want you to get on board here and change for the better. I want to see a noticeable, appreciable change. Got that?

Don't make me come over there.



Jamey Lacy said...

I LOVE this idea Julia =)and love your sense of humor - a key component in surviving & thriving.

Sometimes I will "speak" to the illnesses (I refuse to call them "mine!")

Btw, swimming is AWESOME for autoimmune conditions ... it is ALL GOOD without impact or stress to joints, CT, etc., Know you will feel better just from that. I'm praying for healthy pool access again...

Wellness Blesssings,
Jamey Lacy July

Kelly said...

Voice Mail:
Hello Body? Did you really have to add Sjogren's to the Diabetes? Isn't that piling on a bit? Let's go out and play some tennis and try to forget we're "chronically ill."