Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's All Her Fault

So I went back to the community center today. I have to say that I'm a bit surprised that I continue to find myself walking into the building of my own free will. As in nobody dragging me inside, or frog-marching me through the doors with my arm twisted behind my back. Nope. I just.....go there. Not every day, but two to three times a week. I know - it's really not that frequent for most people, and not even close to the recommended five times per week, but for me, it's astounding. Amazing.

Today, I went there to try out a water exercise class offered for those with arthritis or joint issues. So I stowed my stuff in the locker room and was floating in the pool just as the class was beginning. I decided that I'd just lurk in the back row and observe.

There were about twenty people in the class, and the instructor stood pool-side wearing a headset/microphone thingie. Soothing music was playing in the background and the instructor was directing everyone's movements. Everyone - well, except me - began to quietly follow her instructions. But somehow, I just.....just....couldn't do it.

It didn't take long before I felt the hairs on the back of my neck rise along with my sense of irritation. After about five minutes of listening to the soothing music and the gentle voice of the instructor, I had to fight down this irrational urge to leave the pool, walk over to the CD player and stomp on it, and then push the instructor face-first into the water.

What is wrong with me? Seriously.

Luckily I was able to squelch my violent impulses. In thinking about it as I floated around the pool doing my own thing for the rest of the class period, I decided to put the blame for such a bizarre reaction squarely on my Bratty Inner Child Julia. BICJ comes in really handy for that sort of thing. She really hates being told what to do, by anyone. Anywhere.

Yeah. That's it. If I didn't have BICJ hanging around my psyche, I would definitely been a willing participant in arthritis swimming class. And I wouldn't have scarfed down a half of a box of gingersnaps after class, either.

It's all HER fault.

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Amy Junod said...

You get a gold star for at least trying. So, hooray!
I've flung a few words at my Wii Instructor so I'm not sure I'm ready for a "class" yet either. I'm more the grunt alone kind of fitness person.
Hopefully you were able to pick up some movements that you can do on your own...with your OWN music playing in your head. (or should I say BICJ's portion of your head?)

Jenny P said...

Wow Julia I SO relate!
I get EXACTLY the same way when someone tries to tell me to "relax". The R-word is not allowed in my house. One time when I was a kid I was spazzing about a lot of things I had to do. My mom took my backpack and, thinking she was going to give me a reprieve, said I wasn't allowed to homework then, I HAD to sit and either watch TV or read a book. I FREAKED OUT.

I can think of a million reasons for such a reaction at the pool - the top one in my head being a resentment factor. Other people exercising are listening to invigorating music, pumping their hearts, feeling the burn, and end up covered in that satisfying grimy sweat. Just because I have bad joints doesn't mean I don't want the same experience; to feel as vital! Maybe that's not really what your train of thought was but it might be mine and either way I PERFECTLY understand your reaction and admire your self control (as someone who scarfed some Girl Scout cookies herself last night for far less of a reason).

You do your own thing, girl, and as many days as week as you please. And know you're still doing more than so many of us and we're cheering you on!

annie said...

I know that the past few years of being ill has made me less tolerant of noise and being with the public. Too much noise and talking going on around me irritates me and fatigues me and makes me antsy. It's as though my brain can't process the volume and information going on all at the same time. I much prefer my peace and quiet, which is much more soothing, although I miss the interaction with others. Does anyone else suffer from the same dilemma? Also, I' not one to be "TOLD"what to do.

Still, you're very brave to venture out in a gym . I envy you those cookies, I hope they were tasty.

stephanie said...

Funny! ;-)

Julia Oleinik said...

Hm. I see that I'm not the only one toting around a belligerent alter ego. Yay! Go us!

Cookies were deeeeelllllliiiiccccciiiiooouuus.

Annie - I have definitely noticed that noises bother me more than previously. You're right - it's an energy drain just to make sense of all that racket. I'm not sure if I can chalk it up to autoimmune disease or my age.

Anyone else feel that way?