Wednesday, March 2, 2011

UII and Villanova Project Pictures, As Promised

Did you submit a picture to the UII/Villanova University project? It's in here! 

I've posted before about an awesome project that my friend Jenny from Understanding Invisible Illnesses and Vilanova University put together entitled Invisible Illnesses Made Visible.

Jenny has written an extensive and interesting post in which she describes her experiences in working with others to prepare the display and then taking part as a speaker in a panel discussion. You can see more pictures and read the whole post here.

These moving paragraphs were printed and placed prominently among the pictures:

This display represents 25 men, women, and children from four countries who live with one or more of the 39 chronic and "invisible" conditions listed.  Here, they have revealed to you the "hidden" side of their lives - the things they require to get through the day, the medications they need just to survive, and the scars & marks they usually conceal.  Fear, shame, and stigma often force them to hide these truths.  Only education and society's acceptance of a person for everything they offer can change this story.  
For some, this is the first time they have revealed these images to anyone.  Today, they have stopped hiding.

Please say a prayer for those pictured here - as well as the millions of others who are forgotten, mistreated, and ignored every day - that love will prevail and awareness and research for treatments & cures will follow. 

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