Thursday, November 4, 2010

There She Goes Again....

Wouldn't it be cool if computer microphones looked like this? You can buy your very own here.

Yes, people. Julia is at it again. By it I mean sharing my opinions and experiences in a very public manner.

The good folks at WEGO health have asked me to participate in a panel discussion open to everyone on the topic: Continuing Health Activism With Chronic Pain.

This from the WEGO health site:

Join us for a new Health Activist webinar! We’ll be joined by three exceptional Health Activists who lead online health communities while living daily with chronic pain. Together, these leaders will share their stories and offer insight and inspiration for keeping your Health Activism on track and your communities’ morale up!

Our Featured Health Activists are:

Julia, from Reasonably Well, will share her experiences with living with chronic pain and Sjogren’s syndrome and how she keeps going through it all.

Kelly from RA Warrior will offer her perspective on how to be a dedicated Health Activist, leading others even when pain is pervasive and your condition is poorly understood.

Amy K from Unavitabella and #MHSM Chat will share insights into how she helps support those in the Fibromyalgia and Mental Health communities, even when she finds her own energy-level flagging.

This is a webinar not to be missed for anyone living with chronic pain and looking to take their Health Activism to the next level. Panelists will discuss the importance of honest communication and how to maintain the energy and dedication you need to help others and raise awareness.

Are you a health activist? Do you take the opportunity to advocate for others dealing with your illness in your family, circle of friends, workplace, place of worship, with your healthcare providers, or online? Do you feel that by helping others and raising awareness you benefit yourself, as well?

We all are health activists to some degree, so please join me and other health activists in this discussion. The webinar, which takes place on Monday, November 22nd 2010 from 8PM to 9PM and is available to all, can be found here. Click on the RSVP highlight to confirm your participation, and please join us for what looks to be a very interesting discussion!


Michelle said...

I'm waiting for blood test results, and looking for everything I can find regarding Sjogren's. I'm reading your blog as fast as I can...

Julia Oleinik said...

Hi Michelle,

I hope you find some useful information here! Check out my sidebar for a list of posts that others have found helpful.

Julia Oleinik said...
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