Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Something's Missing

Image found here. Because I couldn't take my own stinkin' picture. Interestingly, it is just about exactly the same color of my new paint. 

Last night, it occurred to me that I should re-paint one of our bathrooms. I painted it two years ago (meaning that I directed the painting by my daughters while I sat on my duff), but from the minute that paint hit the wall, I knew that I had chosen poorly.

So I texted Terese after dinner last night and asked if she was up for a project. Which meant that this morning she arrived at my door ready to paint.

Woo! I love friends that love my projects!

Anyway, it was a small bathroom and we got it done in no time flat. But while we were in the midst of drop cloths and paintbrushes and primer and paint, I felt as though something was ......... missing. I needed to have one more tool but just couldn't think of what it was...


My camera. It drove me crazy that I couldn't document in photos every little stroke of the brush. I couldn't do the before and after pictures properly. Yes, my cell has a dopey little camera but, dang, it's really crappy. It wouldn't have done justice to the changes that we brought about in that little room in just a few hours.

My new camera hasn't arrived yet and I feel almost as though I'm missing my big toe or something else vital. It can't get here soon enough.

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