Sunday, November 28, 2010

Packed to the Rafters This Thanksgiving

Kermit and gang found here

Does anyone out there remember the 1987 Muppet television special entitled, "A Muppet Family Christmas"? My kids absolutely loved that show. We taped it on our way cool VCR and even all these years later, they still watch it every December. Multiple times.

If you haven't seen it, the plot goes something like this: Mamma Bear, Fozzie's mother, is happily packing for a vacation in sunny Malibu. She never gets there since her son and all his fuzzy Muppet buddies show up unexpectedly for Christmas. Her farmhouse is packed to overflowing with strange critters and creatures. She manages to find room for them all, although she exclaims,"Two of you will have to sleep hung on hangers on a hook on the wall!" (Minute 8:28 on this YouTube video).

So this holiday weekend is feeling remarkably similar to Mamma Bear's house over here. Our daughters brought home carloads of their friends for Thanksgiving, and I loved every minute. But we did have to get really creative with finding a place for everyone to sleep. At one point Daughter and I looked at each other and quoted Mamma Bear with a laugh.

We didn't have to build bunkbeds in the broom closet like Mama Bear did, or hang anyone from a hanger on a hook in the wall, but we came pretty darned close - we set up a bed in my closet for my son to bunk there. Remember that closet? The one that I read in at night and where I practiced my script for the webinar? Yep. That's the one. And it served nicely as an emergency bedroom, no kidding. Son used an empty spot in the shoe rack as a nightstand. Here's picture proof:

Crummy pic, I know. I used my hubby's cell phone which was charging next to the bathroom sink. Handy.

If you have never seen the Muppet Family Christmas, take time to watch it on YouTube. It's recorded in five parts. What a corny but great way to kick off the Christmas season!

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annie said...

The Muppets, my favorite! This brings me back to my son's early childhood, when we'd sit and watch Sesame Street together. The Muppets aren't just for children!! Apropos your sleeping accomodations... glad you found a spot for your son. It must have been wild at your place, but how exciting to have a full house.