Monday, November 29, 2010

The Beautiful Faces of Autoimmune Disease

If  you haven't had a chance yet, head over to read Jodi McKee's Portrait Project. Here's how she describes her work:

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2008 and started this portrait project of people who have RA and other autoimmune diseases as a way to cope with my illness and spread awareness about invisible illnesses.  My hope for this project is to show the world that there are a lot of younger people out there who are dealing with complicated and often painful chronic illnesses.  Also, I think it is so important for the newly diagnosed to be able to see all of these beautiful, happy faces and know that they are not alone. If you are interested in participating; please contact me.

Jodi is an accomplished professional photographer, and the Portrait Project reflects her considerable skills. Her portraits of young people dealing with autoimmune disease are beautiful, and her interviews which accompany each portrait inspiring.

I'd love to see some of Reasonably Well's young sjoggies featured in this project! I know you're out there.


stephanie said...

LOVE Jodi's website! I hope she keeps it up. Thanks, Julia.

Jenny P said...

I'll check out Jodi's site as soon as possible (not sure when, but it's on my list:)).

Meanwhile, did you (or any other activists around here) see this convo on WEGO? Without seeing Jodi's sit eyet to tell exactly what similarities there might be, it seems relevant. The discussion started with an idea about 'baring all', and in the comments we started talking about the "before and during" faces of chronic illness and flares. You might find it interesting!

Jenny P said...

Oy I forgot to post the link. The convo is here:

Can you say "Brain Fog"? Yeesh!

jodi said...

thanks so much for posting about my portrait project! i greatly appreciate it. if anyone out there is interested in participating, please contact me at