Friday, October 22, 2010

Philly Photos

The film shoot here in Philadelphia went well, I think. But I'm going to reserve my opinion until I see the finished project.  At any rate, it was fascinating to see how much work goes into producing a simple 15 minute segment. I'll write more about it after I return home later this week.

Right now I'm spending my energy stores very carefully. Terese and I have been exploring the city and it's been great fun. I have to admit that Terese has seen considerably more of the historical sites than I have since I've grudgingly scheduled some serious downtime. But those naps have been invaluable - last night I actually mustered up enough energy to take a walking tour on a beautiful full-moonlit night to visit the haunted parts of the city. Ooooooo.

Of course, I've indulged in my first Philly cheesesteak sandwich, and my, oh, my.........I'm thinking that I need to do further research on the subject by trying the fabulous sandwiches from various restaurants.

I'll post some pics from the last few days adventures. Anyone recognize these landmarks?

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Jenny P said...

I recognize them! LOL. I did that Ghost Tour for a project in highschool, it was great! Can't wait to see you!!!