Thursday, October 21, 2010

"That's a wrap!"

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Greetings from Philadelphia!  This is Julia's friend, Terese, and I'm guest writing the blog today because Julia is semi-comatose on the couch slurping a blended mango margarita.  After today, she deserves it!

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While I was strolling around historic Philadelphia eating tastykakes, Philly cheesesteaks, and ice cream at the Franklin Fountain, Julia was preparing for her film star debut as Health Care Advocate extrodinare.  Seriously, she spent five hours filming and recording a webinar about the symptoms of dry mouth and possible solutions.  This webinar also involved a well known Sjogrens specialist, cameramen, script writers, TelePrompTers and a cast of thousands.  Ok, I lied about that last part.  Who knew making a 'film' could be so taxing? The lights, the microphones, the make-up, repeating each line a million times, "this time with more inflection...ok that was perfect, now give me 10% more...."

I'm sure Julia will give you more details about when this webinar will be available for viewing.  But the reviews are in:  she was marvelous, simply marvelous.  Special thanks to the film crew hosts who made us feel so welcome and appreciated.  But next time you need to Meryl Streep.

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annie said...

Wow, what a toll this must have taken on Julia. I hope she will rest up and get to taste some of Philly's delightful foods before she leaves.