Sunday, September 5, 2010

Successful Mistakes

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"Anything that is successful is a series of mistakes." -- Billie Armstrong

I'm trying really, really hard to find inspiration in this quotation today, as I struggle to button my favorite pair of jeans. I'm not happy about the fact that they're so snug that I have had to put them aside and pick something else to wear. 


So my jeans incident spurred me on to a renewed focus on eating healthily, and I headed over to the grocery store to stock up on "good" foods. I cruised all the aisles checking labels and didn't end up buying anything except salt and Baggies, for pete's sake. 

Not kidding here. Just ask John. 

I was so frustrated at the paradox of the enormous volume of food on the shelves in the store, yet how so little of it met two criteria: to taste good AND be good for me. Meaning wheat-free, low-sugar, artificial sweetener-free, as organic as possible, low-fat, ah.......we all know the drill. I found myself becoming more and more frustrated as I wheeled my cart past the endless amounts of cookies, chips, pastries, candy......until I realized that I was either going to cave and load up my basket with unhealthy junk or leave without buying anything. 

I drove home fuming. And I have to say that I'm very proud of myself that I didn't attempt to make my crankiness disappear by driving through for a large Butterfinger blizzard at Dairy Queen along the way. Yet it's what I really really wanted to do, which is a good example of the choices that I've been making that have brought me to this discussion. 

Why is managing my weight such a struggle?? I know that I'm not alone in the battle of the bulge, so I know that others out there fighting the same war. Lots and lots and lots of us are making the same series of dietary mistakes. But when we go to shop in the local grocery store, first we have to pass innumerable enticing fast-food joints and their brand of fat-creating food-like substances. If we actually find ourselves in the grocery and try to stay within a monetary and caloric budget, well geez. It's war out there, people. 

So my weight management plan so far has been a serious succession of significant mistakes. Guess I've just got to keep making choices.....and making mistakes....and most importantly, to keep learning from those mistakes. I think the biggest mistake of all would be to quit trying to understand my body's relationship to food.  

Repeat after me, Julia: Success is a series of mistakes.....success is a series of mistakes.....success is a series of mistakes.....


annie said...

Julia, it's very difficult to lose weight. Take it from one who knows. Stick to fruits and vegetables with some lean protein thrown in and watch your portion sizes and you should be on the right track. Eating like this will not break you if and when you have an occasional craving for something rich. Again, have one portion of whatever you're craving. Depriving yourself will make it worse, as you might eat more of whatever you wanted.

The big problem(and this is my big problem), we don't move around enough to expend the calories we take in, all thanks to our wonderful illness, which makes us chronically fatigued and energyless. Also, some meds increase your appetite or weight. Good luck, we're here to support you, as we're in the same boat!!

Julia Oleinik said...

Thanks, Annie! Great suggestions.