Saturday, September 4, 2010

Great Gifts

So, when I presented Terese her birthday gift this year, she took the gift bag rather gingerly. I can't imagine why she would appear reluctant to open one of my fabulous birthday gifts. Tsk.

A few years ago, I presented her with a real beauty. A gem. A gift that anyone would covet.

I found it in Long Beach, WA, a small coastal city, where a famous side-show attraction named Jake the Alligator Man resides. He lives in Marsh's Free Museum and is a world-wide celebrity. I ask you - who wouldn't love a t shirt with a large image of Jake printed on the front?

I would have thought that Terese would be sporting this shirt whenever she wanted to look really elegant, but she only brings out Jake when she is mowing the lawn. Or digging in the garden. Or painting.

Go figure.

Come to think of it, I haven't seen Greg wearing another of my birthday gift treasures, either. It was a real beaut, too - a t shirt with lederhosen and a beer logo imprinted on the front AND back! I ordered it from the Leinenkugel's Brewery and I noticed that they don't carry them anymore, so it's a real collector's item now. Ooooooo.

My gift this year for Terese was exceptionally tasteful. I found a birthday card that had a herd of cows that moo when certain buttons are pressed! And a box of cow patty candies! A theme gift! Fantastic!

You can order your very own Cow Pies from the Baraboo Candy Company here.

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