Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We Are Not Amused

It's been hot hot hot here. Temps this afternoon are expected to hit mid-90s. If the air has risen to such hot temperatures, I wonder how hot a patch of black asphalt pavement could be.....? Or more specifically, that patch of black asphalt in the direct sunlight WITH a largish blob of chewing gum on top?

Yep. Stepped right on it.

Didn't figure this out until I noticed my sandal sticking to poor Goldie's floor mat. And when I pulled into the garage, saw strings of white goo attached to my shoe, the floor mat, and Goldie's door.


I've heard that putting ice on chewing gum helps to remove it. Anyone have other suggestions?

So we are NOT amused. I've been hacking and coughing - still - and yes, am going to go in to see my doc. It seems that any little additional tax on my energy puts the whole energy equation out of whack. I seem to know what my energy needs are for the run of the mill day with housework and errands, etc. But coughing seems to take more than it's fair share.

I don't waaaannnaa spend precious energy scraping stupid dumb frozen gum out of my car and shoes.

Oh, hey. I wonder if a frozen mango margarita would help things along?

Right-o. And remove the gum too.


sue said...

I've heard that peanut butter works but I don't know how easy that would be to get out of a floor mat.

annie said...

I've also heard about the ice treatment, but I read somewhere that putting the item (clothing?) in the freezer until gum is frozen and then removing it will also work. Good luck.