Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Viruses Everywhere

My poor laptop.

It's suffered such abuse lately and it sure doesn't deserve to be treated badly. I don't know what I would do without it.

Let's see....what all has happened this week.....

Well, the most egregious trauma was definitely inflicted by my doggie buddy Skippy, who visited us for two weeks. Our boy Skipparoo is still a puppy with puppy teeth and puppy chewing habits. He chewed through my MacBook power cord. It's fortunate that he didn't get a serious shock. But unfortunate for my lappy.

Next up was discovering that a round of emails had been sent out from my account advertising online Viagra. So sorry if anyone out there received these emails from me.....but y'all should know by now that this is not my usual subject matter for correspondence. It seems that someone had hijacked my email account and decided to do a little spamming. So John - bless his heart - helped me to reset passwords, and to purchase a PRICEY virus/malware/spyware program specifically for Macs, got the thing loaded and in action. We were glad that we bought it, though, when six nasties were rounded up on the first scan.

I thought one of Mac's greatest assets was it's inability to become infected with computer viruses?!

Most recently? My letter "u" seems unhappy and sticky. If you note a few posts that have uuuuuunusually spelled words, this may be the case.

It appears that both my Mac and I need to get to our respective doctors. *cough*

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