Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Surprising Shoes

My feet have been sore and achey for what seems like ages. And even though they've slowly been improving thanks to prednisone and shoe insole inserts, I'm still pretty careful to choose shoes that provide lots of support and comfort.

Wanna play a game? How about pick the shoes that made Julia's feet happiest this week?

How about these?

Or smooshy slipper sockies?

Or these?

And the winner is:

Can you believe it?? I slipped on my black dress sandals on Saturday, fully expecting to be hobbling along in excruciating pain for the day, but was reluctant to take them OFF when I got home since they proved to be very comfy. How weird is that?

Further evidence of my contrary nature, I guess.

1 comment:

Jenny P said...

I would bet it's the heels. A small heel is actually very good for your posture and takes some pressure off certain joints and points in your feet. I know I struggle with flat shoes, even sneakers or things meant to be "supportive" like that. Glad they worked well for you, that was a great time to accidentally find relief, and boy did you earn it!!