Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mrs. Cranky Pants

Little Miss Crabby Pants found here

Well. I'm miffed.

I had a post all ready to go for today, but it disappeared somewhere in the great unknown Blogspot black hole.

Yeah. It was a great post. A magnificent post. My most spectacular post ever. And now it's irretrievably gone. What a shattering loss to the blogosphere.

So you're asking why I can't re-create it?

One can't just produce a masterpiece on a whim, here, people. Could DaVinci just sit down and recreate the Mona Lisa? Could Dave start a new Wendy's hamburger joint with a snap of his fingers? And what about the guy that invented Cool whip, huh??? You think inspiration like that just flows without stopping?

OK......I confess. I can't rewrite it was so boring that I can't remember it.


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