Sunday, July 18, 2010

Courtesy of Karen

One of the reasons that I have been able to deal as successfully as I have with autoimmune disease, is that I have been blessed with wonderful family and friends, as evidenced by this post written by my friend Karen: 

Apparently I have the distinct honor of being Julia’s first guest to post on her famous blog.   I am truly honored.  When she asked me if I was interested in writing something, she assumed I would share something about my life.


I enjoy her blogs.  I want to talk about her.  As a nurse I enjoy the deep intellectual bunny trails she pursues.  As her friend of 35 yrs., I enjoy her BICJ antics (bratty inner child Julia).  Many of you readers don’t personally know this wonderful person that writes these daily snippets.  My 17 yr. old daughter and I love to come visit Julia as often as we can.  This usually turns out to be twice a year.  As I was getting ready to come for this “Julia-fix” my 21 yr. old son asked why I come see Julia so much.  He said, “What do you do”?  This is coming from the young man who likes to be doing something 18 hrs. a day.  I sagely told him that friends don’t need to do things together; we just need to be friends with each other.

Julia’s life has had to change over the years since her Sjogren's reared its ugly head.  I have not seen any change in her sense of humor, her intellect and her kindness.  Sjogren's has done nothing to diminish that.  We have never done bungee jumping together so our friendship hasn’t really had to morph into something different over the years.  The depth of our friendship comes from ‘being’ friends, being nurses, being mothers and being ‘bratty little girls’ together.  (she said I can’t share stories)   I feel excited everyday to read her blog because it feels like I am with her.  So all of you who are wondering what she is like…she is just like she writes!  Enjoy her blogs.

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annie said...

Thank you for your description of Julia, because that is exactly the way I've imagined her to be.I'm thankful to have found her blog, I've learnt much about the seriousness of this illness along with having many laughing moments along the way. You are fortunate to have her and each other after all these years. Many friendships go out the door because of these illnesses. If you can't keep up with your friends' paces, you get dropped from the circle. Sharing all the good and bad times together is the mark of true friendship,and who else can share our inner bratty child but a good friend?