Saturday, July 17, 2010

Can You Canoe?

Our latest Karen/Julia/Sarah/Susan/Kyle adventure was amazing. The weather was beautiful and my companions such good sports.  We rented a canoe and two kayaks and paddled the afternoon away.

I lasted 30 minutes out in my canoe, which actually was longer than I thought I would feel comfortable in the bright sunshine. Yay for sun hats and sunscreen and conveniently placed patches of shade. Afterwards, I enjoyed sitting on shore watching the others splash around.

There's something about running around in a park, on a beautiful summer day, near a lake that brings out the child in all of us. And of course, for me, it brings out my Bratty Inner Child Julia. Hoo boy.

When dressing for the day, I chose denim capris, a camisole and a pink t-shirt. I slapped on a thick layer of sun block and topped it off with my sun hat. As we were hauling the canoe and kayaks onto shore after our rental time was finished, I looked longingly at the cool lake water. And had a brief inner conversation with BICJ. It went something like this:

Julia: Wow, I wish I would have worn my swimming suit. I'd be tempted to jump in and take a quick swim. I'm really hot and sweaty.
BICJ: Woo hoo! Going swimming! Let's go!
Julia: That's ridiculous. I'm wearing a pair of heavy denim capris. And my phone and keys and everything are still in my pockets.
BICJ: Here I go! Going in the water! I'm going to just dive in!
Julia: Wait! Wait! Stop!
BICJ: It's too late! You can't stop me now! Bwahahahaha! *wades into the lake up to her knees*
Julia: *frantically throws phone and keys and sunglasses and hat to Karen standing on shore*
BICJ: WAAAAAHAAAAAaaaaaaaaHHHHHooooooooooooo! Here I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *splash*

Ahhhhh.......the water was cool but not cold, and I floated around with my buoyant sandals keeping my tootsies out of the water.

It kills me to admit it, but this was one of those rare times when BICJ got it right.

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sue said...

Hi Julia, that looks like a lovely place to paddle. My husband and I went kayaking on lake erie last night with a kayak club. The water was so warm, which was good because the wind was strong and the waves were 3 to 4 feet so we were soaked after a 2 hr paddle.