Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Very Good Day

Sunday's weather was absolutely splendid. We decided to grab my camera, throw the dogs in the car, and take a drive up the Gorge; the place where the Columbia river has carved a deep passageway through the Cascade mountains. Within half an hour, we were treated to sights like this:

And this:

A traveler through the Gorge has two choices of roads: Washington State Highway 14, which is by far the most breathtaking but is only a two lane road with sharp twists and turns as it follows the river. Across the river, one can take I - 84 which is a multiple lane freeway. Definitely the best choice if one cares less about scenery - although it is beautiful - and more about getting somewhere quickly. We chose 14 and were happy to meander along with other tourists. We followed a couple traveling in some kind of antique convertible and I hope they don't mind me putting up their picture here. They looked as though they were having as much fun as John and I were and I envied them their great set of wheels.

Maggie and Lulu were glad we brought them along. They love an adventure.

I loved the fact that my telephoto lens on my trusty Canon allowed me to take these pics as we were whizzing along. We passed the Bonneville Dam,

And Mount Hood.

Saw a paddle wheel boat make it's way downriver,

Watched fearless wind-surfers,

And drove through several sets of beautiful old tunnels.

About halfway through the Gorge, we turned north and made our way up and out of the river area into the Cascades toward Mount Adams.

We arrived at our destination, a snow park frequently visited by John and the kids every winter for cross country skiing. It was a great place to take the dogs for a short hike enjoying the solitude amid the giant Douglas firs.

What a great day.

I wish that I could report that a fabulous outing such as this left me refreshed and invigorated, but, it didn't.

I'm writing this post on Monday evening after having taken the entire day to rest and recover, and I'm really cranky about that. I took every precaution that I could think of - I slathered every exposed inch of my body in sunblock, I wore my sun hat and sunglasses, I drank gallons of water, and I monitored my energy levels carefully. As we drove home, I was certain that I would only benefit, not suffer from such a great day trip.

But I awoke Monday exhausted with hands swollen and several joints red and hot. I got out of bed only long enough to call my doctor, swallow that day's pills, and head back to bed. Now, with an increased dose of prednisone on board and more to come in the days ahead, I know that the combination of meds and serious rest will get me back on my feet.

Grrr. It sometimes seems as though my body punishes me for having a good time.

But I know better.

I know that actually I'm fortunate to have any days at all when I can do the things that I want in such good company and in such a beautiful place. If a day or two of rest and popping a few prednisone pills are the price to pay for glorious days like Sunday, then I should consider myself lucky. And I do.

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annie said...

Julia, thank you for showing us what a truly beautiful part of the world you live in. You seemed to have perfect weather for your outing.
I had a doctor's appointment yesterday, and when I got home I had to lie down. The travelling back and forth, and the visit absolutely wore me out. No one can understand how debilitating an outing can be for people who are ill, and the fact that I can get so exhausted after being out a couple of hours, frustrates and disappoints me, but such is this life. Hope you're doing better.
By the way, that cake looked awesome!