Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ah, geez, guys.

My brain is moving pretty slow today. Still recovering, I guess. I'm waiting for that familiar prednisone zing to arrive, but it hasn't yet.

While I'm waiting for the chocolate cake cravings to hit, I'm camped out here on my couch watching the old movie channel. Ah, but that doesn't mean life is dull. I'm watching a Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy movie made in 1937. Just the ticket for today - no commercials and a boring an easily followed plot.

Oh, and I'm watching the progress of the sun tea brewing on my kitchen windowsill.

Lulu is thrilled.

Yep. Just another exciting day in the life of a Sjoggie....


As of 10:42PM, my prednisone has kicked in. Hands still swollen and sore, but eyes popped open and I'm planning Halloween decor, Christmas gifts, and vacations for the summer of 2011. Did all the dishes and swept the floors. Have dumped a half a box of granola and a third of a bottle of honey into a bowl, deluged it with milk and have most of it consumed. Attempted to give the dogs a bath but they were successful in running for their lives. Flipped through all 500 channels on TV and have set approximately 45 upcoming programs to record. Wondering if any donut shop in the metro area could be bribed to deliver a couple dozen at this hour of the night...........passed a mirror and nearly fainted at the sight of my "Crash Hair". You know the hairdo - the one where you've been passed out for oh, say three days or so without knowing or caring what that mop on top of your head has been doing. And then you find out and it scares you to death that anyone in the neighborhood has seen your hair. With your head attached. And your body and legs attached....good grief! Are these the same pair of sweat pants that I put on Sunday night??

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annie said...

Our pets always seem to sense when we're not feeling our best...they lie close to us wherever we may be crashed out. Prednisone, did you say....does it come in liquid form so I could inject some and maybe I'll start feeling a tad more energetic? My Plaquenil does not seem to have kicked in yet, so I'm hoping for a miracle. Keep well Julia. By the way, Lulu and Maggie are just adorable!