Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hope For New Treatment

Interesting. This from SELF magazine, an article that describes the use of stem cell transplantation to put aggressive autoimmune disease into remission. Estriol, Larazotide and Benlysta are mentioned as drugs in the investigational pipeline that show promise for use in various autoimmune diseases. It is a somewhat simplistic discussion, but I'm glad that articles like this are appearing in large-subscription magazines and bringing more awareness to autoimmune disease.

"Autoimmune (AI) diseases affect 30 million women—three times more than men—and diagnoses are rising in autoimmune disorders as varied as lupus, celiac, Sjogren's syndrome and multiple sclerosis. But science has fixes in store. "We're learning to detect disease earlier," says Noel R. Rose, M.D., director of the Johns Hopkins Autoimmune Disease Research Center in Baltimore. "With new treatments, we hope to head off the worst symptoms before they appear." 

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