Monday, May 31, 2010

Birthday Blabbermouth


It's safe to explain yesterday's post.

So Terese has been planning a birthday party for Greg for the last month. We've talked frequently during this time about various party details, how I could contribute to the meal, yada yada yada. What we didn't talk about was the fact that it was supposed to be a surprise birthday party.

As in Greg shouldn't know. Or it wouldn't be a surprise.

I guess I should qualify that last part. I should have written that I don't recall us talking about the fact that it was supposed to be a surprise birthday party, which I guess is a different matter entirely.

It was a strange and busy week. I had taken a quick trip to see the daughter, was planning a dinner party of my own, and then of course was dealing with the loss of our sweet Sammy.

Bottom line, I was running on fumes and we all know what that means. Remember? Tired equals stupid? Big time stupid. Brain fog stupid.

So when we met G and T for dinner recently, I sat munching pizza across the table from Greg, eyes glazed, and mouth running on auto pilot. With brain completely disengaged.

"Just wait till you see what we got you for your birthday party!" I blabbed around a mouthful of mozzarella.

Greg eyed me suspiciously.

"JUUUULLLLIIIIAAAAA" screeched Terese.


If this had happened to somebody else.......anybody else but me, I'm sure that this person would have quickly responded with some glib comment that would have fixed everything.

Instead, this happened to me. Which means that I just screeched back, "TEEEERRRRRREEEESSSEEE!" and mouthed silently, "I didn't know it was a surprise!!" across the table.

Surprisingly, Greg seemed somewhat oblivious. Or maybe he was just playing dumb to avoid having to clean up the mess after Terese murdered Julia. Or maybe he was just too involved in finishing off his tall frosty beer.

At any rate, the party today was a brilliant success. Greg seemed convincingly surprised,

the food was delectable,

and the weather even cooperated.

I'm so envious of Greg and Terese's beautiful property.

Maggie and Lulu invited themselves to the party. Mags thought she could score some cake, but she was wrong.


Party on, dudes. And dude-ettes. Happy Birthday, Greg!

Time for a nap.


annie said...

Julia, you should be forgiven because:
1)you have brain fog
2)you can't multi task :i.e. if you're listening, you're not able to absorb the information
3) issues with memory
Hope you had a great time...the food looks good, especially the cake

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to organize a surprise birthday for my hubby too ^_^ It's in october, I know how my brain founction, I need a lot of time do prepare it !!
I hope you had a great time !

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Looks like a great day!