Friday, May 14, 2010

Woogie Wednesdays

I'm going to have to make sure that I get serious rest on Wednesdays for the next six weeks as John and I and the mutts attend doggie obedience class. I can see that these classes are going to require some significant energy, but we're going and that's that. The time has come to lay down the doggie law.

My two schnauzers, Maggie and Lulu are hopelessly ill-mannered. I blame John for spoiling them rotten and he says that I'm the culprit. This discussion sounds familiar. Hm. Kind of like when the kids were little....and I still maintain that their dad was and is a soft touch.

They're house trained and all - the dogs and the kids - but that's about the extent of their obedience skills. Just ask Terese and Greg what happens in our house when the doorbell rings. Yowsers. Ear-splitting barking and growls and jumping and yapping. My goodness. It takes forever to settle Mags and Lulu down, and that means the poor soul that rang our doorbell is left standing on the porch wondering if someone was just ripped to shreds by a pack of wolves.

Actually, this is kind of handy when salespeople come to the door. I open the door a crack amid the snarling and chaos, and without fail, the salesperson says, "I can see that this is not a good time. I'll come back later..." as they beat a hasty retreat down the driveway.

It does not help the situation to have friends that find this hilarious. Who sneak onto the porch and then ring the doorbell like crazy just to hear the doggie frenzy. *Julia looks accusingly over the top of her glasses*. You know who you are.

So on Wednesday night, we showed up with dogs, treats, poopie bags, and leashes in hand for our first lessons. Maggie trotted in and behaved like an angel. Lulu, however, started snarling and growling the minute she stepped into the building. Which meant that we were  immediately put in the naughty doggie spot. For shame.

Oh, sure. They put a cutsie animal print fabric over it, but underneath the frufru, those are metal bars. Lulu - you put us all in the slammer. Sorry, Maggie. We're locked up due to guilt by association.

We were sprung about halfway through class when Lulu tired out and gave up the bad-dog routine. Thank goodness.

I'm glad that John can come along for these classes. After an hour and a half, Lulu and I were both bone tired. *snicker*. But it was a grrrrrrrrrrrreat class. *snort*. And six weeks from now, we're are going to have two well behaved canines, doggone it.


annie said...

But they're so badly behaved can they be ?!!!!

Julia Oleinik said...

Hi Annie - Oh, girl. You haven't seen bad until you've seen these two in action......