Saturday, May 15, 2010

If I Can't Play in the Sunshine, I'll Play in the Dark

Although I know that summer really isn't here yet here in the Pacific Northwest, we're having some serious glimpses of what is to come. Today is glorious - clear blue sky and brilliant sunshine. The dogs love it. So do I .

It's taken seven years but I have learned my lesson. Even though I love the sunshine, it doesn't love me. For lots and lots of reasons. See my other posts about Sjoggies and sunshine here and here to refresh your memory.

One of the lessons that I have learned is that my patio is situated so that it gets direct sunlight most of the day, so if I go out there, it had better be with sunscreen and a hat on and the patio umbrella up. But even when I'm slathered and hatted, it's still really easy for me to get over-heated and blechy pretty quickly out there.

I'm thinking that I'll probably enjoy the patio much more this summer if I use it in the evening hours. Which means.........

Another opportunity to decorate! To create a glowing evening ambience! To ask John to get out the ladder from the garage and hang precariously from high places! To shop for silly stuff!

Don't worry Mr. Owl, you get to stay. You're doing a fine job keeping the birds from pooping on the deck railing.

I got these patio lights at one of those discount places so they were really really inexpensive.

Honey - won't it be fun to hang these from the roof? Honey?

"Won't it be fun to hang these from the roof, honey?"

*smart-aleck hubby does a really BAD Julia voice imitation*.

Well. He sounds like a hamster that inhaled helium. Nothing at all like my cultured dulcet-toned vocalizations. Sniff. Good thing you're so stinkin' cute and a darned good light hanger or I'd be all cranky, mister.

Hm. I'm thinking patio lights, a few flower pots brimming with colorful annuals and my battery powered fireflies.

 I may bring Norman the gnome out to play. Although Norman may need a sun-hat too. He peeled severely a few summers ago, poor guy.

You look mahvelous, Norman dahlink, after your makeover last spring. Even better than new.

Ooo - I know what we need. Maybe some colorful plastic margarita glasses? Full of tasty frozen adult beverages?

Party at Julia's at eight. Y'all are invited.

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