Monday, May 10, 2010

Take A Sniff of This

John and I will have been married for thirty years this June 7th.

I think that I have this guy figured out pretty well by now, but sometimes he will do something that still can blow me away.

Today was one of those times.

We were riding around in the car doing some errands when I caught a whiff of something decidedly unpleasant. And as you know, my sniffer is seriously out of whack. I sniffed again. The odor kind of smelled like.......feet. And not in a freshly-pedicured-and-moisturized-with-a-delightful-floral-foot-creme kind of way. If you catch my drift.

I pulled off my shoes and wondered if they were the culprit. But I couldn't be sure, since I can't count on my nose to detect odors specifically or correctly. You can refresh your memory about hyposmisa (or problems with the sense of smell) here.

Here's the amazing super duper husband part:

I asked John, "Hon? Do my shoes stink?"

He looked apprehensively at me from the corner of his eyes. And keeping his voice carefully neutral, he asked why I would want to know this.

"You know I can't tell when somethings smells funky. I need to know if these shoes are really stinky. Will you smell them?"

God bless him, he TOOK THE SHOE that I handed to him and stuck his nose right into the arch support, while managing to keep to keep the car safely on the road as he nearly passed out from the stench.

"Julia. These things are nasty. Don't ever ask me to sniff them again!"

What a guy! What a fearless, shoe-sniffing (um, and kind of gullible, but don't tell him that) super hubby!

I laughed for the next three miles. At least.

My hero......

Stinky shoe image found here


Anonymous said...

Yep, he's a hero !
I feel that way everytime my hubby open me a bottle/can/annything I was unable to open myself.

annie said...

This is true love....he's definitely a keeper. May you have many many more years together.