Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kitty Cat Help Desk

John and I were cruising our local hardware store yesterday. My favorite part of this store is a very cute and furry but also somewhat unhelpful cashier.

"Yes, the sign says you may ask for assistance. Please notice that it doesn't say that you'll actually get any assistance." 

"Sandpaper? You need sandpaper? Yes, ma'am. The fine grit sandpaper is indeed located directly underneath my butt. And, no, it's not convenient for me to move just now. Come back tomorrow. Or perhaps the day after."

His name is Coaster "The Great" (see signage above), and he's been a fixture - (get it? a FIXTURE in the hardware business? Oh man, I crack myself up) - in the store for the last nine years. His favorite spot is on top of the sandpaper display. Which is somewhat of a mystery to me, given the fact that there's many more comfy kitty cat napping spots in the store such as their inventory of cushioned patio furniture.

Cats. Go fig.

I think he's gained a few pounds over the years, as you can tell from the sandpaper rack.

What's that you say, Coaster? This is your more photogenic side? Your wish is my command, big guy. Show me love......

Now, if you could just direct me to the swivel snaps......No, no, don't get up. I wouldn't dream of asking.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great, catish post !! But I'm not objective, I'm crazy about cat !

Anna said...

LOL :D Can you bribe him with catnip?