Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Successful Walkabout

Kudos to a fellow Sjoggie blogger!

Jenny Pettit shares her experiences of forming a team and then successfully walking in the Sjogren's Syndrome Philadelphia Walkabout on her Understanding Invisible Illness blog:

"I'd like to report that Team "UII" Can Spread Hope! made a great showing at the 6th Annual SSF Philadelphia Walkabout!  Eight of the ten original walkers (we lost one to an inflexible work schedule and one to a foot injury) braved the near-100 degree heat index to support Sjogies everywhere:D" 

You can read her post in it's entirety here. Job well done, Jen!

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Jenny P said...

Thanks Julia:) I saw this days ago and meant to comment but I've been pretty busy:) Thanks for your continuing support and advocacy!!