Sunday, May 2, 2010

Johns Hopkins Jerome L. Greene Sjogren's Syndrome Center

A few years ago, I remember reading an interesting comment posted on the Sjogren's World forum. It was written by a physician named Dr. Julius Birnbaum. This bio information from the Johns Hopkins site: 
Dr. Birnbaum is the only physician in this country who is board-certified in Neurology, Internal Medicine, and Rheumatology.   His clinical and research interests pertain to the  neurological complications of rheumatic syndromes, with a focus on Sjögren’s Syndrome.
At the time, Dr. Birnbaum wanted to let Sjoggies reading the Sjogren's World forum know that he was working with Johns Hopkins to create the ideal setting for providing optimum care for those with Sjogren's Syndrome.

Wow, I thought. What a great idea. And didn't give it much more thought. Until yesterday, when I stumbled upon this - the Johns Hopkins Jerome L. Greene Sjogren's Syndrome Center, found here:

The Jerome L. Greene Sjogren’s Syndrome Center is multidisciplinary, drawing broad expertise from multiple specialties to provide the best care to patients with this disease. The accumulated wisdom of seeing literally hundreds of patients with Sjogren’s syndrome is wonderful for individual patients, as well as for scholarship and the development of knowledge in the entire field.
The  overall goal of the Center  is to provide outstanding clinical care to patients whilst facilitating research and scholarship in this disease. The Center is structured to serve these two complementary goals: 1) the diagnosis and management of Sjögren’s syndrome in a comprehensive multidisciplinary setting, and 2) the systematic collection of data and biological samples through longitudinal care of patients attending the Sjögren’s Center, using an approved and pre-established research protocol.

Yesssssss! Multidisciplinary care designed specifically for each person's needs, while collecting incredibly important data to support research and enable a greater understanding of this disease. 

Go get 'em, Dr. Birnbaum and company! I wish their endeavor enormous success.

Hm. Could we clone this guy?  

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That's great ! Research is a big hope for us all.