Saturday, May 1, 2010

Eat These Foods

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Yesterday's post about cherries got me thinking.

Stop right there - I know what you're thinking - and don't say it. Even though I did set myself up big time for a smart-aleck-y comment. Sniff. I do occasionally think rationally.

So I was thinking that I should make a list of all the foods that I've posted about before. The ones with impressive study statistics. The ones that are supposed to be anti-inflammatory, low glycemic index, and have energy boosting properties, among a zillion other healthy attributes.

Perhaps if I posted this list on my refrigerator it would remind me that there are lots of foods out there that are my allies in fighting autoimmune disease.

And that I should actually eat those foods instead of Cheetos.

Oh, my. That was one serious example of getting sidetracked. Now where was I?

Righto. Healthy food. Click on the "here" links to remind yourself why these foods have super powers for Sjoggies.

  • licorice here
  • pomegranates here
  • oregano, cinnamon, basil, and rosemary here.
  • chocolate! here. and here
  • apples here
  • ethanol here.
  • omega 3 fatty acids here and here
  • mangos here
  • orange juice here
  • soluble fiber - fruit, nuts, and oats here
  • walnuts here
  • legumes here
  • hydrangea root tea here.

I wonder if what a licorice-pomegranite-spice-chocolate-chocolate-chocolate-apple-rum-fish oil-mango-orange-oatmeal-walnut-bean-hydrangea cake would taste like?

Oh, hey! I'll bet you could make a cool Conan O'Brien portrait with walnuts and mangos. And it would be healthier. Much healthier.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo ! Now I'm hungry !