Thursday, January 14, 2010

Since You Asked

Want to know how Maggie, the doofus rock - eating dog is faring?

Really really well. For what this surgery cost, she should be doing really really well. She should be able to sing and tap dance and do magic tricks, for goodness sake.

Poor baby. I was amazed at the length of her incision.

So the source of this little adventure is to be found in our back yard. We made paths around our fruit trees and to our greenhouse out of pea gravel. Truckloads of the stuff. It's cheap, keeps the shoes from getting muddy during our winter rains, and doesn't really look too bad. Brilliant! we thought.

Um, maybe not.  We didn't realize that Maggie thought that pea gravel was brilliantly delicious. So delicious that she had twenty of the larger rocks filling her stomach and at least another thirty making their way through her innerds. Ouch.

Our veterinarian has suggested that we do two things: 1) purchase box muzzles for Maggie and Lulu so that they are unable to have rocks as tasty snacks, and 2) consider removing all the rocks. ALL OF THE ROCKS.

I've been using the muzzles, but as for the herculean task of shoveling up all that pea gravel and then replacing it with something that the dogs won't find delicious.......whoa nellie. Obviously I'm not up to a project of that magnitude, so John and kids and any friends that we can sucker persuade into helping us will have to do it. My friend Susan suggested that we throw an Easter egg hunt this spring  - and have everyone shovel a wheelbarrow full of pea gravel instead of look for boring old eggs. I'm skeptical.

It's a good thing you're so stinkin' cute, missy.

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annie said...

Poor little tyke. She has a long incision, I hope she will be okay and recover well.