Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Soap

This make-your-own soap thing could be addictive. Here's my latest batch, made from organic olive, palm, and coconut oils and scented with organic pomegranate and vanilla essential oil.  I call it my olivethespringtime soap.

I think that it smells pretty good, but then I probably should not be choosing fragrances, since my smeller is seriously out of whack. I'm going to rope Terese into giving it the sniff test.

Yes, it's a funky green color, because I used extra virgin olive oil instead of the lighter colored olive oil of which I couldn't find an organic variety. But I think the color adds to the whole springtime thing going on, don't you? Maybe it will fade a bit as it continues to cure.


annie said...

Whoa Julia, I don't check in for a day or two and you have so many interesting posts that I have to catch up on. I hope this means your energy levels are good. This is the time of year I usually have flares/crash, with lots of arthritic pain involved. I was interested to see the post about the lenghth of getting a diagnosis. My rheumatologist told me the same thing...that this illness takes a very long time to be diagnosed because it is a slowly progressing disease. He actually thinks my chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia might be attributed to the sjogren's. My diagnosis came about 10-12 years after so many puzzling symptoms started. Today, it is easy piecing all the puzzle pieces together, but back then I didn't know what was going on, between the fatigue,chronic pain,headaches, and other symptoms too long to mention.

Your combo ingredients for your soaps sound very good...just a hint of scent with lots of emolients to help with dryness. Keep well.

P.S I hope Maggie is doing better.

My Life Works Today! said...

I would love to try this, but it seems too much like cooking ;) They look great and I'm sure tapping into your creative needs makes the day a little more fun.

Sending my best and, I agree - you've been busy posting and I have a lot to catch up on!

Julia Oleinik said...

Yes, both Maggie and I are feeling better these days. I'll post some pix of that naughty doggie. Thanks for asking.