Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Have Great Friends

Hehe. Snort. Guffaw. Oh, man.

Tonight, I asked Terese and Greg if they wanted to come over and sniff my soap. Terese thought I really could have phrased my request better, and I suppose she's right. I had made a new batch of soap and I wanted them to approve the new soap's fragrance. After bribing them with the offer of some adult beverages, they agreed to come over.

They showed up at the house, and Lulu started barking like an idiot dog. So I handed Greg and Terese each heart-shaped doggie treats to give to Lulu in the hopes of quieting her down. I have to admit that I didn't communicate this well.

Instead of giving the dog the treats, they both assumed that what I was handing them was samples of my new soap. So they both stuffed the stinky doggie treats up their nostrils. Or close, anyway.

Hoo haa! *gasping for breath after laughing uproariously*

Ahhh. Life is really good sometimes.

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