Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Eye of The Hurricane

After I wrote my post about the Greg and Terese soap/dog treat incident, which by the way guys - I solemnly promise that I won't bring it up ever again - and titled the post "I Have Great Friends", I realized how true that title is.

I was thinking about how I am surrounded by such great people the other night while tucked into bed, John snoring away on my right side and the schnauzers on my left. I'm not going to get into the dogs think they're people discussion here, though I know where Maggie and Lulu would categorize themselves.

When I conjure up a mental image of my relationship to my friends and loved ones, I see myself standing quietly in the eye of a hurricane as everyone around me goes flying by. I get to see bits and pieces of their busy and fascinating lives as they whirl around, and I love when they stop for a brief time and join me in my little bubble of calm to share their experiences.

I remember when I used to be out there in those wildly circulating currents.

I hope you guys realize how lucky you are.

Image by Cheeseface101

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