Monday, October 26, 2009

The Scent of Ethical Behavior

I've been anxiously poking, prodding and fussing with my first batch of soap. See my previous post, here.

I decided to try my hand at soap making to reduce the amount of chemicals I use and to be a bit more environmentally conscious. Now it appears there may be another reason to concern oneself with soap and all things clean.

A new study published by Psychological Science and led by Katie Liljenquist, assistant professor at Brigham Young University Mariott School of Management, concludes that clean smells promote more ethical behaviors. What scents were used? Windex! You can read the study in it's entirety here.

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annie said...

Hi Julia,

Could they not have tested these ethical behaviours by making people smell a vanilla bean, or plants/flowers, or anything that is more natural? They are promoting more intoxicating products, both to us and to the environment. That study is a croc.It is a known fact that people with autoimmune and other silent illnesses are more prone to suffering from environmental problems, with very serious reactions, sometimes life threatening. Kudos to you for taking charge of your life.Keep well.