Monday, October 26, 2009

Sjogren's Syndrome Loves the Autumn

Image by daddypete

For the last week, it's been cool, overcast, and rainy.


I'm serious. As much as I love summertime here in the Pacific Northwest with months of clear blue skies and warm sunny days, as a Sjoggie, I'm always glad to see summer turn to fall. I love the beautiful vibrant colors of autumn, but I also welcome those grey cottony clouds moving back in.

Call me weird. It's been done before.

All summer long, I struggle with self control: I want to be outdoors. I want to rush headlong into the sunshine without having to slather endless amounts of sunscreen, or slap on my ugly floppy hat, or cover up with my white long sleeve shirts. I go through zillions of bottles of eye drops and guzzle reservoirs of bottled water that could supply an entire city. When I'm indoors, I want to be out. When I'm outdoors, I feel as though I should be in. I spend all sorts of time gearing up to go out, and within a short time, I'm overheated and nauseous and splotchy and cranky. I end up sitting out beautiful summer days indoors drowning my sorrows in gallons of ice cream.

Then autumn arrives bringing cool temperatures, rain, and shorter days. The rainy season begins to saturate the air with blissful moisture. Ahhhh. Suddenly it feels cozy to wrap up in a sweatshirt and of course legs are covered with bluejeans. Heck, I even break out my socks. Out comes the crock pot and we start eating comfort foods like beef stew and chicken noodle soup. I can eke more energy out of a day if I don't have to spend precious efforts trying to keep cool or out of the sun.

Pumpkins start showing up on porches everywhere along with drippy umbrellas and soggy shoes. It seems that my day isn't complete without sipping a steaming mug of coffee next to the fireplace. I page  through trusted recipe books watching it rain and think ahead to the holidays.

Ain't life grand?

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