Friday, March 27, 2009

Sjogren's Stole My Dancing Feet

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I miss doing the housecleaning dance. 

Not for public view, mind you. But I have always cranked up some kind of music source, and yes, originally it was a record player, when I needed motivation to do some housecleaning. With the bass line thumping and volume up as loud as the neighborhood would allow, I'd scrub and dust and do whatever needed doing. 

In the '70 Boz Scagg's Lido Shuffle got the feather duster flyin'. 

The Go Go's We Got The Beat was ideal once we hit the '80s. 

A frumpy mom with baby barf on her shoulder rocking around the house with a vacuum cleaner was hardly stuff made for MTV, but was enjoyable for me nonetheless. I'd con the kids into helping. "Hey guys! Let's have a cleaning party!" They fell for it until they were pre-teens, and who can blame them? It was either join in the dance or hide in the closet with their little fingers in their ears. 

Those energetic cleaning dances are a thing of the past, sigh. One of those episodes would leave me in bed for a week. Maybe I just need to learn to do a slower version - a dignified waltz tempo, or perhaps a sedate fox trot. 

Nah. It's Crocodile Rock or nothin'. 

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Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Me too! I used to love to turn up the stereo and dance around while cleaning. Now I can barely stand long enough to load the dishwasher. Nevermind other housecleaning.....I gave up trying.