Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Four Wheel Freedom

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I owe my buddy, Goldie, more than high test gas and hand applied wax. Yes, she's my car, but she provides more than just a way to get somewhere.

Her name is Goldie because she has sandy gold - colored metallic paint, and because she was my fiftieth - golden - birthday present. She is a Toyota Prius, a small hybrid hatchback that gets phenomenal gas mileage, which means that she and I can zip around to our heart's content without breaking the bank.

That's a very good thing. A few weeks ago, I was down for the count in a flare. After a few days of self-imposed house arrest, I was feeling antsy, yet my body needed a bit more rest. I needed an outing that didn't require much energy. 

Goldie to the rescue. I pulled on sweat pants, dragged a comb through my hair, and hopped in the car, Maggie and Sam at my heels.  The dogs are equally as bored as I am when a flare strikes, poor things. When we joyride in Goldie, they always are invited along. It's the least I can do after subjecting them to days of my high decibel snoring. 

We always drive through for coffee first thing. For me, a cup of coffee sitting at my kitchen table just doesn't provide the same kick as a cup of coffee in a paper cup drunk behind the wheel of Goldie. Then, we head for the nearest drive-through fast food joint. The dogs aren't fussy - they love a small order of french fries no matter where they're cooked. I sip my coffee and the dogs wolf down fries as we head out wherever our whimsy takes us. 

Sam enjoys driving around a nearby lake. His ears perk up and he might even briefly pause his fry chomping if he sees a duck. Maggie is happy no matter where we drive, as long as she can wedge herself as close to me as possible. Sometimes I treat Goldie to a car wash and top off her tank with premium in appreciation. 

I always pull into the garage after these outings feeling better.......even if I head back to the couch for yet another nap. 

Where do you find your freedom from fatigue? 

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Vicky said...

That is a good question...surprisingly I would have to say my hospital job on most days. I can normally pace myself although I have a tendency to overdo it often. I have 2 toddlers at home as you know. Being a mom is most exhausting for me. I do enjoy it, but honestly some days I wish I just had to worry about taking care of myself...no one else.