Monday, December 1, 2008

Report Card

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So here I am, the holiday weekend finished, sitting in my yoga pants. (Which, incidentally, have seen very few actual yoga postures). I am sitting here in my yoga pants because they are very forgiving of a turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie filled middle. Thank you, whoever you are, for inventing stretchy spandex yoga pants.

After every major holiday ever since the onset of my autoimmune disease, I find myself looking back over the holiday and evaluating myself, almost like a teacher grading a book report. Most major holidays have been followed by a major crash over the past several years, so my previous grades haven't been good enough to display with pride on the refrigerator door. 

Julia takes the red pencil from behind her ear and examines her behavior over the past week: 

I'd give myself a B to a B plus this go-around on managing my energy reserves, which is a huge improvement over last Thanksgiving. This year, I felt more comfortable taking time to sleep and rest when I needed it. I also was more bossy, actually. Making a huge dinner was much easier when blessed with a houseful of people who have great cooking skills and are willing to take directions and wash dishes. 

I think I earned a D on portion control. This wasn't unexpected, unfortunately.  I make a great pumpkin pie, so what can I say? 

I'd have to give myself a C minus in dignified conduct after participating in more than the usual amount of silliness, which is probably directly related to the D in portion control, specifically in indulging in cranberry slush, a yummy adult beverage (for those who aren't familiar with this holiday cocktail). A shoot-out involving toy bow and arrows, nerf guns, and ping pong balls ensued after a few rounds of these tasty frozen drinks. I'd just like to say for the record that taking the baklava hostage was NOT my idea. 

My best grade for the holiday was earned in the appreciation and gratitude department. I remember one afternoon settling in bed for a nap, and hearing family and friends downstairs laughing and enjoying time together. Two years ago, I would have felt resentful that I would have to retreat from the festivities to rest.  I'm glad that I didn't feel that way this year, but just enjoyed drifting off to sleep while hearing happy noises. 

I guess that means I got an A in Thanksgiving. 

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Vicky said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I would probably have to give me a "C" overall. LOL