Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ode to a Shopping Cart

The opening bell of the Christmas shopping season has rung and we're off to find the best bargains in town! I thought I'd re-post one of my earlier entries that seems especially appropriate: 
I was reading a great thread today over at Sjogren's World Forums. 

The conversation started about fatigue and ended by singing the praises of that unappreciated piece of hardware sitting in the the foyer of every grocery store. Grinning, I realized that the discussion was right on the money. 

Before I had Sjogren's, I never gave the carts a second thought. Maybe I glanced to see if they were wet with rain, or had shrapnel such as donut papers or empty juice boxes remaining from one of the earlier kiddy passengers. I just grabbed a cart and went about my shopping. 

Who knew that at some point I would look at those klunky metal contraptions as an energy and pride saving device? 

Nowadays, a shopping cart in hand ensures that I will be able to actually enjoy shopping again. I toss all my accompanying belongings into it. The handle is just the right height to lean on to save small bits of energy. If I begin to perspire when energy levels get low, I start peeling items of clothing off and toss them in too. 

Most days, I make it through the cashier line somewhat clothed. Usually.

According to, the modern shopping cart was invented by Standard/Piggly-Wiggly  owner, Sylvan Goldman in 1936. He attached two wire baskets and a set of wheels to a folding chair. 

Way to go, Sylvan. You the man. 

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