Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey Trophy

Image by neonerd911

Every year, at our Thanksgiving dinner, I try to think of some type of activity that will require all of us to actually stand up and move around after stuffing ourselves with stuffing. And turkey, and pie and ......well, you know. 

This year, we are going to have a contest in which the winner gets to take home a spectacular prize - a Traveling Turkey Trophy. Which means that if I can convince everyone next year to participate again, the trophy will be awarded to someone else. The contest is this: to see who has the best dead-eye aim in hitting a target using either a Native American style weapon (a bow and foam-tipped arrow) or a Pilgrim-style musket (actually a small Nerf gun that shoots foam balls). If anyone knows where I can obtain cheapo plastic muskets that actually shoot something non-fatal, please let me know for next year. 

I'm sure that this contest will involve a great deal of debate over who actually was the most accurate, some discussion over the rules, and whether or not anyone cheated. Watch out guys - I'll be watching you all! 

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